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School's Out, Museums are IN!

School’s Out, Museums are IN!

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School may be out for the summer, but you can keep the educational exploration going all summer long with School’s Out, Museums are IN! Collier County Museums is proud to present a variety of free activities for children and their families. It features 10 weeks of programming that are tailored to children and students of all ages, cycling through each of our 5 free museums!

School’s Out, Museums are IN Saturdays

Every Saturday from June 5 to August 7 one museum will host a free event featuring crafts, take home activities, special displays, or scavenger hunts that will focus on the themes of inventions and nature! School’s Out, Museums are IN Saturdays are great for kids of all ages, but especially for kids age 6-12. All School’s Out, Museums are IN Saturday events are from 10 am to 2 pm. Check out our list of dates and locations below:

Early Summer’s Theme: Inventions
June 5: Naples Depot Museum “Vehicular Ventures”
June 12: Collier Museum at Government Center “Boating Bonanza”
June 19: Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch “Pioneering Inventions”
June 26: Marco Island Historical Museum “Calusa Creativity”
July 3: Museum of the Everglades “Tamiami Trailblazing”

Late Summer’s Theme: Nature
July 10: Naples Depot Museum “Tigons and Ligers and Bears—Oh my!”
July 17: Collier Museum at Government Center “Mosquito Musings”
July 24: Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch “Flora of Florida”
July 31: Marco Island Historical Museum “Florida Critters”
August 7: Museum of the Everglades “Florida Fishin’”

School’s Out, Museums are IN for Preschoolers

Your littlest kids can partake in the learning and exploration fun, too!
Our preschool program, taking place in the month of June, will feature a variety of activities that can include tod-dler-friendly STEM experiences, cute crafts, themed story times, or musical fun! The subjects will vary as the pre-school program rotates through each of our 5 museums. Perfect for ages 2½ to 5. Reservations encouraged to ensure there are enough supplies for all child participants.

Tremendous Trains
Naples Depot Museum | June 2 | 10 am – 11 am
If your little one can’t get enough of trains, then Tremendous Trains is the perfect program for you! Featuring train-themed crafts and STEM-inspired activities that will put your preschooler’s creative thinking in motion, and will be rounded out by a train story time and dance party. (RSVP here)
Around the House!
Collier Museum at Government Center | June 9 | 10 am – 11 am
Set in our historic Naples Cottage, your little one will learn about inventions—both old and new—that we use every day! Crafting and STEM-inspired activities will encourage your little one to think about their everyday surroundings in a new way, and we’ll finish up the hour with a household instruments musical jam session! (RSVP here)
Pioneer Playtime
Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch | June 16 | 10 am – 11 am
Long before there were singing baby sharks and rescue puppies, children of pioneer Florida were making the most of the limited fun resources they had around them! In Pioneer Playtime, your preschoolers will get to play pioneer games, learn about farm animals of Florida, and create toddler-friendly crafts on our historic ranch. (RSVP here)
Shell-ebration Time!
Marco Island Historical Museum | June 23 | 10 am – 11 am
If your little one is a fan of finding seashells by the seashore, then they’ll love this toddler-friendly shellebration of all things shells! We’ll explore the science of shells through crafts and activities, and finish up the hour with a sea-themed story time. (RSVP here)
Animals of the Everglades
Museum of the Everglades | June 30 | 10 am – 11 am
Perfect for your animal-loving little one! In Animals of the Everglades your child will learn about all the animals who call the Everglades home, from the cuddly to the crawly. Animal-themed activities and crafts focused on learning development will be featured, followed by an alligator dance break and story time. (RSVP here)

School’s Out, Museums are IN for Teens

Our teen program, taking place in July and the first week of August, is perfect for your teen who enjoys one-of-a-kind, enriching experiences! Each program incorporates a historic subject and STEM principles, creating a well-rounded and unique lesson about different parts of our region’s history! The subjects will vary as the preschool program rotates through each of our 5 museums.
Engine Ingenuity
Naples Depot Museum| July 7 | 1 pm – 3 pm
You know that cars and trains get you from Point A to Point B, but have you ever thought about how they do it? In Engine Ingenuity you’ll learn about the history of engines and how they have changed the world. Then see history in action with a physics lesson under the hood of a real car! (RSVP here)
How To Be An Amateur Naturalist
Collier Museum at Government Center | July 14 | 1 pm – 3 pm
Love the environment of Southwest Florida? Get up close and personal with the world around you with this exciting class! In How To Be An Amateur Naturalist you’ll learn the fundamentals of observing and studying the nature of our region. We’ll go over the basic skills, equipment, and rules of conduct for being a conscientious keeper and student of Florida’s nature. (RSVP here)
Old Building Tech
Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch| July 21 | 1 pm – 3 pm
Florida’s earliest pioneers didn’t have the CAD programs and power tools we have today, but they still managed to build structures that have lasted for over 100 years! In Old Building Tech you’ll learn how the pioneers did it and learn techniques for how you can save these old buildings today. The program is a good complement for any students who have taken drafting or building construction technology courses at their high school. (RSVP here)
Digging Deep with Archaeology
Marco Island Historical Museum | July 28 | 1 pm – 3 pm
Explore the past in the most hands-on way possible—through the field of archaeology! Marco Island is home to one of the most famous excavations in Florida’s history, making it the perfect setting for this in-depth lesson on how archaeologists do what they do. You’ll get to try some of the tools of the trade firsthand to test your sedimentary skills. (RSVP here)
Engineering the Everglades
Museum of the Everglades | August 4 | 1 pm – 3 pm
STEM, nature, and history collide in this program on how the Tamiami Trail was built. We’ll learn about the engineering behind how they built a road through a swamp, the mechanics of the world’s only walking dredge, and the engineering that people are doing today to restore the health of the Everglades. (RSVP here)