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Big Cypress Wilderness Wednesdays at Museum of the Everglades

February 22 | 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

105 Broadway Ave W
Everglades City, 34139 United States
(239) 252-5026

The Big Cypress National Preserve is partnering with the Museum of the Everglades to bring you Wilderness Wednesdays, a lecture series hosted at the museum every Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:00 PM. Join us for a series of talks from January through April presented by our National Park Service on a variety of topics.

Illustrated through Time: Big Cypress’ Prehistoric Past | January 18
Big Cypress National Preserve is well known for its vast swamps and wet prairies, filled with birds, alligators, and cypress trees. But that was not always the case. Much of what we see in the swamp today has only recently come to exist. Take a journey through millions of years with Ranger Conrad to understand the mysteries of the preserve’s prehistoric past.

Our 8-Legged Neighbors | January 25
Superstitions, misconceptions, and misunderstandings abound. How we feel about spiders is confusing. Why are they feared in some cultures and revered in other cultures? Are they creators or destroyers? Are they superheroes or villainous sidekicks? Why are they important to us and our environment? Join Ranger Jay as he weaves together a web of information to help us better understand and appreciate our 8-legged neighbors.

Into the Night: Shedding Light on Big Cypress’s Darkest Hours | February 1
Big Cypress National Preserve is breathtaking during the day, giving us a taste of the wildness of South Florida and protecting a variety of endangered species. During the night, Big Cypress may seem eerie, filled with unnerving sounds and spooky shadows. However, if we dig deeper, Big Cypress comes alive at night with creatures coming out to hunt, mate, avoid predators, and pollinate? With Ranger Emily, we will discover the beauties and mysteries of the night, including the importance of the nighttime to the endangered Ghost Orchid.

It’s Not Easy Being Green | February 8
There’s a lot to live up to when myths and folklore crown you with the title “weather prophet.” How did this tiny animal gain such a big reputation? And can it live up to the challenge? Join Ranger Nicki to uncover the secret life of a Big Cypress resident who must adapt to an ever-changing world, all the while, spreading hope with its song.

A Future Through Fire and Flames | February 15
Gain a new understanding for the seemingly paradoxical relationship between a force of renewal and the wonder of the preserve — that if you paint with a broader brush destruction actually signifies growth, and the amount of care needed to keep Big Cypress National Preserve healthy is never simple, but always necessary.

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