Volunteers are an integral part of the Collier County Museums: they help to enhance the quality of visits for our guests and provide the creativity and manpower needed to plan and implement our programs and special activities.
As a museum volunteer, you may be able to assist with our educational workshops and lectures, students' programs, group tours, our gift shops, and an ever-changing schedule of special events. Volunteers also assist with historical research, cataloging, computer assistance, and myriad other tasks.
Collectively, this special group of individuals contributes thousands of hours of service to the Collier County Museums each year and are the backbone of our organization. Volunteers at the five Collier County Museums contributed over 4,300 hours last year alone, and over 40,000 hours in the last six years combined!

Some of the volunteer roles at Collier County Museums include:

Docent/Tour Guide: To conduct tours throughout museum grounds to children and/or adult groups, narrating historical information and trivia on Collier County and the museum exhibits. Docents are expected to regularly utilize the library to continually educate themselves on Collier County history.


Library/Archival Assistant: To update the research and files in our non-circulating library, maintain bookshelves, archives, and research various projects. Volunteer must be organized, accurate, and detail oriented.


Greeter: To make all visitors feel welcome and informed of the museum, its exhibits, and events. This position includes counting the number of visitors to the museum, assisting visitors, and answering questions pertaining to the museum. Greeters are the first individuals that our visitors see when they walk through the door.


Gardening/Maintenance: To assist in the maintenance of the museum’s grounds. Volunteers in this position will work alongside our Maintenance Specialists on numerous projects both indoors and outdoors.


Archaeology Lab Assistant: Volunteers will work in the Craighead Archaeology Lab on the campus of Collier Museum at Government Center to analyze material findings and help with the organization and computerization of information.


Special Events: These events may include special exhibits, annual events, seminars, etc. Duties might include your regular volunteer duties (i.e., greeting, assisting with exhibits) or helping to cover specific areas during the event. Specific jobs include taking tickets, collecting admission money, helping with security, directing traffic, cooking or assisting with serving, and other various jobs. The Volunteer Coordinator will inform you of these events in advance, so please let us know if you are interested in helping out!


Miscellaneous: There are various jobs that are becoming available to people with special hobbies, interests, and talents on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Examples of some of these tasks include sewing, creating art, scrapbooking, photography, computer and website assistance, cooking and baking, playing an instrument, etc. Please be sure to notify the Volunteer Coordinator of any special skills you possess that you would like to use at the museums or for an event.

We'll match your skills and interests to a specific volunteer position or help train you to branch out into new areas. Either way, you'll have the full support and appreciation of Collier County Museums and our staff to make your time as a volunteer a fulfilling and rewarding experience!
There are real personal satisfactions in working with friends who share your interest, skills, and passion for educating others about our history. If you can spare a few hours of your time a week to help as a volunteer, we'd love to hear from you!
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To find out more, please contact Karen Connetta, Volunteer Coordinator at (239) 252-8722 or Send an Email