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Forgotten Florida Teen Photo Contest

Forgotten Florida Teen Photo Contest

The Farm Security Administration (FSA) developed and administered aid to farmers and farm workers during the Great Depression. These photos included main streets, churches, types of transportation, people at work, special celebrations, politics, and so much more. The FSA photographs are the most famous series of photographs to come out of the Depression of the 1930s. They are an extraordinary record of the American experience. In Florida, FSA photographers traveled throughout the farm areas, taking pictures of migrants and their families, of farmers laid low by hard times and of decrepit houses and ruined land. In addition, the director of the photography project, Roy Emerson Stryker, encouraged FSA photographers in Florida to document life in wealthy and middle-class enclaves as well as in tourist camps along the coast. This additional coverage was unique, and combined with the images made of the crisis in the farming regions, provides contemporary viewers with a compelling and wide-ranging view of the state as it was at that time.

Forgotten Florida: Photos from the Farm Security Administration will be on display at Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch from January 19th – April 19th. In the spirit of the FSA, Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch is holding a contest to include photos in the exhibit that YOU take of your community. Submit a photograph documenting life in Florida in the wake of a global pandemic for a chance to be a part of the exhibit and win some amazing prizes! Check out this PDF which contains a list of images the FSA asked their photographers to take for inspiration for your own photos.

Eligibility: Collier County Residents who are in 6th-12th grade
Upload your entries at: https://forms.gle/4VKFfWnmkYnKzQGE8

Judging Timeline:
– January 31, midnight: Entry Deadline
– February 20th, 11am: 12 finalists unveiled at Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch
– February 20-March 20: Voting for People’s Choice award
– March 27, 11am: Presentations and Award Ceremony

1st Prize: Apple iPad
2nd Prize: Apple iPad Mini
People’s Choice Award: Apple AirPods