Naples Depot Museum Presents

The 20th Century Seminole Experience: Artwork by Muffy Clark Gill

January 4, 2019 - April 27, 2019

Informed by this accumulated wealth of intriguing historic data, Muffy Clark Gill began to observe and question how the Native Americans utilized the transportation devices of the white man and adopted them for their own uses. She found the images showing Native Americans observing modern transportation while canoeing by in their primitive vehicles very ironic—the worry that a tribal elder riding in a blimp could be life threatening. The couple who bought a rundown car to get to their destination while driving through the swamps inspired her to explore more.

Muffy Clark Gill begins by selecting and appropriating images, text and patterns, fragmenting and repositioning them into a cohesive theme. She incorporates the traditional wax and dye resist process known as batik, transferring the images using the dye transfer process. The work is further enhanced by applying paint and inks by hand. Once the composition is complete, the lined panels are then sewn together. Influenced by traditional methods of painting on fabric, she begins to paint on silk or rayon in the style of the Japanese Kimono, which to her, has a strong correlation to the traditional Seminole man’s jacket; both cultures having rich history of intricate, colorful patterns in their traditional garments.

Marco Island Historical Museum Presents

An Everglades Affair

February 6 - May 28, 2019

This exhibit features artwork by local artist Jo-Ann Sanborn. Jo-Ann finds inspiration from local ecosystems and specifically, views of the Everglades. The paintings seen during this exhibit were completed with this showing in mind. More on Jo-Ann’s preparations for this show can be found on her website, where she is posting video-blogs on her progress: On her website, Jo-Ann writes “The Everglades has a story to tell. The forms of the palms, water and skies are ancient and familiar—but their composition, light, and color are unique to each day. I do not want to merely recreate the images, but to integrate their specialness into moments of lasting memory. The horizontal and vertical aspects of the forms within the Everglades intrigue me.”

Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch Presents

Heritage & Harvest: Original Works by Paul Arsenault

January 9 - March 23, 2019

“Heritage & Harvest” depicts not only the abundance of natural resources that attracted and helped sustain the Calusa, Seminole and 19th Century settlers, but also the architectural expressions of that bounty including early homes, ranches, stores and waterfronts. The exhibit ranges geographically from the Everglades to Estero and inland to Immokalee, LaBelle and the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation.

Paul Arsenault
A native of Montreal, Paul Arsenault grew up in Hingham, MA, where his love for the sea and travel emerged. Following his graduation from the Art Institute of Boston in 1973, he began a six-month stint as a deckhand on a research vessel. He signed off in Florida in 1974, and began his professional painting career. With Naples as his base, he has embarked on painting trips to the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, the South Pacific, Indonesia, Australia, Hawaii, Europe, and the Mid-East.


Paul’s early exposure to and knowledge of working ports and exotic harbors, combined with his talent for zeroing in immediately on the essence of a place, have made him a popular choice for commissions requiring extensive yet efficient travel. Paintings from these trips hang in public places and private and corporate collections around the world.

Annual fundraising shows have been a hallmark of his career, and since l983, these have benefited a variety of non-profit organizations devoted to health, environmental protection, and historic preservation.

Paul’s vibrant and widely collected paintings reflect a rhythm and pattern that distinguish his easily recognizable style. His lifelong pursuit to paint contemporary life in coastal communities is enhanced by his passion for history and his natural storytelling ability.

Paul and his wife Eileen live in Naples, Florida. Arsenault Studio & Banyan Arts Gallery is located a stones-throw from their historic home and vintage cottages that are nestled under a grand banyan tree. The Banyan Arts Social and Pleasure Club, a publishing division of Arsenault Studios, was inspired by the artists, writers, musicians, and preservations who have stayed at their artful compound over its nearly one-hundred year history. 

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Museum of the Everglades Presents

Skunk Apes, Scallywags, & Swamp Spirits

February 2 - May 3, 2019

It’s not always easy to separate fact from fiction when it comes to history – especially when you’re dealing with a region with roots as dark and mysterious as the Everglades. The “Skunk Apes, Scallywags, & Swamp Spirits” exhibit at Museum of the Everglades celebrates the blurring of that line – exploring long-standing stories of pirates, phantoms, moonshine and murder while giving Florida’s bigfoot – the Skunk Ape – another chance to make believers of us all. From silly stories to murder mysteries, there’s a tale here to tickle every fancy.