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Current Exhibits

South Africa, 1995, by Fred M. Springer

Trains Around the World: Railroad Photographs by Fred M. Springer

May 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019

Naples Depot Museum

Trains Around the World: Railroad Photographs by Fred M. Springer seeks to capture the spirit of Springer’s work and showcases his rail imagery from all six inhabited continents. The selection of images reveals a commonality of human technology across cultures and nations through the enduring railroad industry. Springer created a visual record of the decline and rebirth of railroading in the United States, while internationally captured the juxtaposition of rail technology in less-developed parts of the globe.


Fred Springer expertly distinguished himself within the field of railroad photography by extending his lens outside the bounds of North America. In the 1950s, many photographers committed to documenting the final curtain of the steam era in the United States. While Springer certainly played his role in capturing the end of steam locomotives and the emergence of diesel, he likewise looked to document the importance of rail transportation across the globe. Notably, Springer made several trips to Mexico in the 1960s to capture surviving steam operations that persisted as normal tenants of daily life across more rural nations. From the 1980s through the early 2000s Springer captured the important role of rail transportation in countries from South America to South Africa.


Trains Around the World: Railroad Photographs by Fred M. Springer was created by the Center for Railroad Photography & Art.

Naturally Artistic Exhibit

Naturally Artistic

May 10, 2019 – August 2, 2019

Museum of the Everglades

Museum of the Everglades continues its annual tradition of displaying art created by students from nearby Everglades City School with an exhibit entitled “Naturally Artistic”. This selection of paintings, drawings, and photographs by students in grades one through nine captures local flora and fauna as well as idyllic tropical scenes and whimsical landscapes. Immersed in the region’s unique environment and surrounded by the creatures that inhabit it, students at Everglades City School can’t help but find inspiration for their art in their own backyards.

Building a Dream: The 25 Year History of the Marco Island Historical Society

June 4, 2019 – September 26, 2019

Marco Island Historical Museum

What does it take to build a museum? Time, money, and community support, to be sure – but none of those arise without years of commitment, enthusiasm, and resolve behind them. Since 1994, the Marco Island Historical Society (MIHS) has been educating and inspiring people about Marco Island’s history and heritage. What began as a small-but-passionate friends’ group ultimately resulted in the construction of the Marco Island Historical Museum, an award-winning institution now staffed by a team of career professionals. This exhibit celebrates the 25th anniversary of the MIHS by looking back at its history, exploring not only how the organization’s role has changed since its establishment, but also by asking the visitor where it goes from here.