Naples Depot Museum Presents

End of the Line: The Budd Tavern Car Story

October 3, 2018 - December 15, 2018

Since its arrival to the historic Naples Depot property in 1978, the Budd Tavern Observation Car has fascinated both locals and the thousands of visitors who travel to Southwest Florida every year. Originally built for the Seaboard Airline Railroad (SAL) in 1947, by the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Co., this observation car #6601 was one of six built for SAL that year. Through its long service history in the SAL to its final journeys on Amtrak, this symbol of American ingenuity has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles across the United States. After its retirement it began a new life as an attraction to the newly opened Naples Depot Cultural Center in 1978.

For nearly two decades the Budd Car offered Naples Depot visitors a unique glimpse into the glory days of the railroads, but as the years wore on, the car began to show its age and the effects of the harsh Southwest Florida weather. In 2015, with support from the Board of Collier County Commissioners, local contractors, and dedicated museum staff, the car began an extensive three-year restoration that would stabilize the car and bring it back to its 1947 roots.

This exhibition will examine the history and journey of the Budd Tavern Observation Car #6601, the origins of the Budd Manufacturing Company and its innovative stainless-steel design, the rise of the streamliners, and the exacting standards used to bring this railroading icon back to life. Now seen in its original glory, Observation Car #6601 will continue telling the story of the railroad and its history, here, at the End of the Line.

Marco Island Historical Museum Presents


October 11, 2018 - February 1, 2019

This exhibition from students of the Marco Island Academy features an expansive mural collage that expresses the Gulf of Mexico comprised of painted, drawn, and photographed images. Modeled on the work of Robert Rauschenberg, this collage has multiple types of images—from very abstract to photo replications, some flat and some in shallow relief.

Museum of the Everglades Presents

The Rod & Gun Club: From Pioneer Homestead to Dignitary Destination

November 26, 2018 - February 1, 2019

This exhibit celebrates the rich history of Everglades City – the birthplace of Collier County – by exploring the evolution of the landmark Rod & Gun Club. Originally a general store and post office that hosted the town’s first school, the Rod & Gun Club would later welcome movie stars, gangsters, rock musicians and half a dozen U.S. Presidents. Step back in time as we trace the roots of this world-famous fishing lodge to its beginnings as the site of first permanent pioneer homestead in Southwest Florida.