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Current Exhibits

Pythons and Cane Toads and Pepper — Oh My!
Invasive Exotics in Southwest Florida

August 15 – September 30

Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch

From feral hogs to seemingly innocent ferns and insects, some organisms have a destructive impact that those who brought them did not predict. Southwest Florida has been greatly affected by new species following in humans’ wake, whether brought for food like the Spanish hogs or brought to add beauty to a garden or home like many introduced plants. Some of these invasive species have changed our ecosystem so much that it may be irreparable, while some have naturalized, becoming replaced themselves by other invasives. Come explore some of the iconic and often hated arrivals to our landscape at the Immokalee Pioneer Museum. We will delve into their history, their impact today and what our future with invasive species in Southwest Florida might look like.

All Collier County Museum locations offer free admission.

Preserving Collier:
20 Years of Conservation Collier

August 12 – December 2

Collier Museum at Government Center

Since 2003, Conservation Collier has acquired over 4000 acres in 22 preserves and projects around the county. This 20th annivesary exhibit explores the efforts to acquire, preserve, restore, and maintain threatened natural forest, upland, and wetland communities in Collier County. We’re exploring the lands, environments, and species that are protected, as well as the people who work to maintain them. Learn about Conservation Collier’s past, present, and future.

All Collier County Museum locations offer free admission.

Between the Gulf and the Glades:
Florida’s 10,000 Islands Fine Art Photography by Jim Freeman

August 10 – November 4

Marco Island Historical Museum

Photographer Jim Freeman is renowned for his intense and expressive nature images. He enjoys sailing and takes a special interest in photo shoots on remote islands off the Florida coast that are only accessible by boat. Resulting in true one-of-kind images that evoke a sense of tranquility.

All Collier County Museum locations offer free admission.

Ebbets in the Everglades:
the Unusual Story of the World-Famous Photographer You Never Heard Of

September 12, 2023 – January 20, 2024

Museum of the Everglades

Charles C. Ebbets came to Florida in the early 1920s and quickly established himself as a pre-eminent photojournalist. An avid outdoorsman who had done stints as an airplane wing-walker, a racecar driver and professional wrestler, he brought that same combination of courage and confidence to his work in South Florida — particularly the Everglades — even becoming this first to cross the not-yet-completed Tamiami Trail by car.
Ebbets made his way deep into the back country of the glades, capturing spectacular shots of rarely seen wildlife and breathtaking landscapes for the National Park Service, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the Associated Press, among others. He also worked closely with the Seminoles, documenting their culture, and befriending tribal leaders.
Ebbets’ most famous photograph, “Lunch atop a Skyscraper,” is a well-known portrait of construction workers perched precariously on an I-beam above New York City while they dine. The iconic photo, for which he is rarely credited, was chosen as one of TIME magazine’s “100 Greatest Images.”
Despite his groundbreaking body of work that includes many well-known photographs, “Ebbets in the Everglades” is the first museum exhibit dedicated solely to the work Charles C. Ebbets.

All Collier County Museum locations offer free admission.